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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2012 7:31am-8:01am PST

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say how great it is to sit on the bus and hear that repeated beeping as they get on the bus, and we could not do that without this, and in the last month, i'd think i have used my clipper card on board, on a munich, on caltrain, when i wrote to 04 on my bicycle and took a public transportation back. i have in-laws in marin. a lot of times, it is a ferry ride over or a bike ride. there is one that does not yet take a clipper, and i am looking at a gentleman whom i know what i am talking about. the key for the report. this is very good. i am a huge fan of clipper, and i think that this is getting closer to a system that i experienced in hong kong, where there was one card that would take you anywhere. thank you for this report,
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because it is good to see how is -- has progressed. thank you. chairman nolan: director ramos? director ramos: everyone here thinks this is addressed, then it certainly does not need to come back. if this issue has been resolved, particularly with a fare collection, i am comfortable moving on and not expecting anything at this point. like i said, i thought it was addressed when you showed the chart that shared that debt, and that was my primary concern. i am looking forward to a communications strategy when we go to the boarding, and that might be the best time to bring this up again. since mtc is here, i do regularly take transit system, and it is a real bomber to get
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on and then get on board, and then get on another system and have them tell me, "sorry, do not know what you are talking about pure " hopefully we can have this their scent. my last complaint is that that be and so loud sometimes, it really is hard on a person's years. i have heard from a few people that when they are just trying to take a casual, calm ride in, if there is any way we can turn it down area i have heard it turned it down before. it was very nice on the ears, and i thought maybe they were moving toward that, but i think it was a fluke. chairman nolan: director heinicke? director heinicke: the
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complaints i get about clipper are none really, as people appreciate it. it took some convincing to get folks to do it, but now they seem pretty good about it. i would imagine also that if we were having root problems with registration on the system that we would see resulting complaints about tickets, and our proof of payment of buzzers would say that people are claiming over and over again, and to my knowledge, we are not seeing that. but the problems that you described are very real as part of the implementations system, so i am glad it is going well, and i do not know that we need to talk about it on that level. the one issue i have is that we at 330,000 daily-week day clipper boardings. am i remembering right that we
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have 700,000 boardings total? do we anticipate that 330,000 number going up significantly? and i guess i am a this point a little surprised that your than half of our boardings are clipper boardings, and i am just wondering why is that? >> i believe that generally represents the best passes, so is the adults, the senior, and the young. that is a big chunk that has moved over. the cache bears on the clipper are still quite a bit less, and that is probably the most difficult, the people would pay cash because they are local and choose not to buy or because of the frequency with which -- with which they use munis were people coming from out of town. there are a couple of other categories. our next biggest category is lifeline passes, which are think is on the order of 20,000 per month. we have been talking about the ability to transition lifeline
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pass holders over, but the passes are really kind of the low hanging fruit. and we have gotten our big categories already, so the next is really moving to, aside from lifeline, moving to cash bears, which is going to be much slower. >> right, and we have discussed that before, and i know you know my views. my view would be to move to a cashless system or as close to it as we can. i think the efficiency and the safety and the revenue, there are all sorts of reasons to do that, so our would just give you my reaction. i was surprised of the number after all of the average, it was still this low. i guess it is not an indication of the success of clipper. it is an indication the i misunderstood how many cache bears where having on a daily basis, which is apparently a lot, so i would just reiterate i would as a policy matter favor doing whatever we can to move
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away from cash there's, and it is interesting to hear that even on a lot of people, you know, you are making more than just one trip or something like that are unwilling to load up a clipper card, and i wonder if one thing to look at there is a differential one-time affair for clipper versus actually throwing coins into the box, to give people incentive to do one-time hits with the clipper card. >> if i could, i think that financial incentives are something that we should look at. the indexing policy that the board put in place a number of years ago for the upcoming fiscal years, because of the weight indexing policy is structured will raise fast pass theirs but not single-use theirs because of the way the formula works and because of rounding, some of the adult fast pass with bart will go to 72 to 74 to 76,
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and the adult fare will stay at two dollars, so single use and cash versus clipper, something that the board, that will be happy to bring for the board consideration, all the passes that i mentioned are already clipper, but for single use theirs, many of them are cash. one thing we could do is that if you tap your clipper card, it is $2. if you want to use cash, it is more. director: the reason i favored the indexing program was to avoid arbitrary increases for pure financial budgeting reasons. i think there is a reasonable and legitimate exception to the indexing program if you are making a fair differential for
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transit policy reasons, which this would be, so i for one would not oppose looking at that sort of thing as we revisit fares the next time around. director bridges: i think another got to 90%, which is the best in the region. director: i know that director brinkman and i think i to eye on this. there is somebody up there with a quarter, slowing the whole thing down. i appreciate your report, but i'm surprised by the number and want to know what we can do to get that number as close to 700,000 as we possibly can. director oka: it is my hope that
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paratransit's can be switched over to the clipper card also. i have been pushing with mtc since the beginning of time. we need one mechanism that works on everything, and, you know, i would love to see that before my time on this earth. i am not going to hold my breath, but we should be able to do that. chairman nolan: thank you very much. i thank you for bringing this to our attention, director ramos. secretay boomer: mr. chairman, no one has indicated an interest of addressing you up to this point. >> good afternoon, director. first, i want to wish you a happy new year and a major happy new year from munich. with all of the stuff i learned
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from this today, i thought it was just like the old days, so i learned something, and that may improve your numbers. one little complaint that i have heard about, the student clipper cards, it is very difficult for people to add money to the student clipper cards. there should be a place where every mile or so on major routes where you can get off and just recharged on a monthly basis. it is easy in my neighborhood, but i never heard people who cannot do that and have to go downtown, and that is completely out of the way, so we should work on that. and i want to add my voice that we should sometime soon nubbers is still young get people to use clipper card for every ride. the advantage is that when you have your small increases, they just go right into the clipper card, and of course, you've already started to speak that if
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you want people to use the clipper card 100%, then you may have to charge a premium for the cash there, and i do not think it is a problem, even for visitors, when they know they are staying at a hotel. you can seldom a clipper card, and they can go to the walgreens or something, and then you get zero cash. that should be the ultimate, so happy new year. banks are not. chairman nolan: -- thank you. chairman nolan: thank you. ms. boomer? secretay boomer: >> the board voted unanimously to settle the cheah case and
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moved the murillo case to the next meeting. chairperson nolan: we are finished. >> and i win. >> it is the first time ever. >> that sets a precedent, you know. ok. >> i am one of the board members for the burning man project. welcome to the plaza and the launch. [applause] we are so thrilled to be here in
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the tenderloin. we're thrilled to create relationships, to work with other people, and make something crazy and magical happened here. we're also extremely happy to be working with the san francisco city itself, with the reinvigoration efforts happening. we have two esteemed people with us from the city. we have mayor ed leave with us. [applause] -- we also have mayor ed lee with us. and from the board of supervisors, david chu. please come and join us. [applause]
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>> thinks ank you. it may be premature, but welcome home fellow burners. it is great. there are invitations going on for that burning man. i am going to call our board president, david chu, to come up here and join us. he plays a mean violin already. i am also going to invite supervisor eric mar, who is the only one of us who has been to burning man.
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i will say this. the burning man project has been a wonderful contributor to our central market cultural district. working with our office of economic development and the wonderful staff, you are working with the arts commission trying to liven up and insight the arts community -- excite the arts community to look at where we have vacancies and put life into them through art. there is so much to do. art is about life, activity, and people. it is about creating relationships. i want to thank all of you for being here to share your
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wonderful friday with us. we have the music to keep the center. now we can go crazy again. i not only have an announcement the burning man launched tonight, but there are so many other wonderful things being attracted to this area. i want to thank hal for the camera work. you are around the corner. that is because you are working with will and maddie thatcher. they've come to work together to enliven the effort to create a place where the underserved youth can learn about camera works. this is been on my mind for a
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long time. do you know the old original joe's place? they have brought in a theater piano fight. that is a wonderful addition. it will be starting this fall. the dugan family will locate in north beach. i have been a patron of the original joe's for many years. i want to specifically thank the piano and fight -- piano fight theater. thank you for starting the wonderful theater.
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i know you will be asking for a grant. you have been a wonderful partner in looking out for the start-ups and helping them along, helping to identify where they can be and how they can get started. we both started the arts foundation at the corner of sixth and market. there are so many people to thank tonight. i wanted to begin with this list, the freshest efforts to start up. it is a signal to you that we want to thank you all for reinvigorating this central market with your arts activity, innovation, enthusiasm. there is not going to be a store front available in the next year. it will be filled with arts,
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people, and businesses, and residents who will come to celebrate this. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> it is friday. who is excited to be a san franciscan? it is wonderful to see everyone here. i want to acknowledge my colleague because he is the only member of the board of supervisors who has gone up to burning man. i know that will change. mayor lee and i were joking that we were thinking about going up there to resolve and worked out all of the issues with city council up in the desert. what do you think, mayor lee? whatever it takes, bringing people together to get it done. that is what we want to do with
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burning man. san francisco has been a beacon to the entire world for creativity and innovation. i want to thank you all for representing the very best of what that is all about. i also want to welcome you to this neighborhood. the tenderloin and mid market area is so grateful for all the changes we know will happen in the coming years. this year alone, we are bringing twitter to this area. we're bringing artists and theaters. we're bringing new hamburger joints and we are bringing burning man. i want to thank the burning and project for being on the edge of creative culture. you represent with the greatest partnerships are about, what happens when you bring the public and private sectors
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together. i know this project will be reaching out to children in the tenderloin. and want to thank you for doing that. i also want to thank burning man for one of the quality we like here in san francisco -- one other quality we like here in san francisco -- experimentation. a few blocks away from here, we have been experimenting with what it means to close market street, to take back parking spaces for parkland. i want to thank the transit advocates here. hats off to burning man because you are leading the way. without further ado, it is my
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honor to introduce one of the founders of the burning man project. where is larry harvey? come on up. [applause] >> i did not want to speak to the "post." i am not here as the founder of burning man. i am representing the burning man project, a new nonprofit. our offices are down the street at 995 market at 6th, right in the hearth of the mid-market district.
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there is no better place to commence this effort in san francisco, our home town. [applause] we know a thing or two about building a diversity and culture from the ground up. the key thing was expressed by the great jane jacobs. she said cities have the capability of providing something for everybody only because and only when they are created by everybody. care this is the principle that will guide the burning man project. working with the city of san francisco, we can do many things. you have noticed all of the
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vacant shop fronts along market street, i am sure. we can begin to change this. pardon me? anyway, we can change this by making it easier for artists to occupy. working with our sister organization, we can install public artworks. if you look behind you, you will see two of them freshly installed. we can also do what all of us are doing here today. it can mean celebrations. we certainly know how to do that. we can do more.
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everyone of you here can participate. let's broaden the scope and think about more than just market street. after all, cities have the capability of providing something for everybody when they are created by everybody. let's look beyond the central market corridor and the neighborhood, the community that already lives here. if you go down to the project office, you will see the gateway to the tenderloin. we do not mean to merely decorate our city's main street. that would be superficial. we want to help change lives.
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[applause] we want to do what we do best by inventing truly interactive art. we want to work with the residents of the district, creating art made by and for the people. we will need volunteers in order to accomplish this. burners know exactly what i am talking about. we want you to pay attention to our website, the burning man private even may be sold out of tickets, but the project is destined to fill a much larger canvas. to participate in that, you will
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not need no stinking tickets. [applause] i already hear people referring to where we are as u.m. playa. [laughter] to repeat with the mayor has already said, welcome home. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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director kim: good morning and welcome to the transbay joint powers authority meeting of january 12. >> [roll call] madame chair, you have aru


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